• Registry Mighty™ Features

    Registry Mighty Supports all Windows-based Operating Systems   Support all Windows-based Operating Systems

    Windows systems compatible: runs on all the major Windows-based systems, including the latest Windows Vista , Windows 2008, Windows XP/2003/2000, and even Windows 98 & Windows ME.

  • Registry Mighty Scans on demand   Scan on Demand

    Custom a total of 17 dedicated categories for your registry scanning; by selecting the category you want, the industry-leading scanning engine will find out and list the detected problems.

  • Registry Mighty can exclude scanning items to ignore list:   Exclude Items to the Ignore List

    Besides selection and deselection, you can exclude any items to Ignore list where Registry Mighty will reference and ignore the excluded entries at next-time scanning.

  • Registry Mighty Safely Repair Problems   Safely Repair Problems

    After scanning, Registry Mighty™ will repair all these invalid references that cause system instability, PC errors, constant crashes, general system slowdowns and other PC problems, including but not limited to:

    • Windows Installer Issues
    • ActiveX Controls
    • Windows Explorer Errors
    • Isass.exe, svchost.exe & other exe Errors
    • Windows Operating System Problems
    • Registry Errors
    • ActiveX Shield
    • DLL Errors
    • Runtime Errors
    • IExplore and System32 Errors
    • System Crashes
    • Slow PC Performance
    • Chkdsk Issues
    • Computer Freezing
    • Internet Explorer Errors
    • Javascript Errors
    • Dr Watson Errors
    • Hardware Malfunction
    • Blue Screen
    • XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues
    • Scan Disk
    • Driver Errors
    • Corrupt Registry Files
    • Task Manager related
    • Computer & Application Shutdown

    when you run Registry Mighty for the first time, it is required to have a full backup on your registry before any registry will be fixed, which you can always use to recover the registry to previous state; whenever you run Registry Mighty (after the first time) for scanning and fixing, a backup file will be automatically created and you can recover the registry within the powerful Backups section.

  • Junk File Cleaner   Junk File Cleaner

    This built-in utility scans and cleans up the junk files from your system to provide more free space on your hard drives and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.

  • Evidence Cleaner   Evidence Cleaner

    This built-in bonus utility completely remove all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information while improving your computer's performance;the add-in feature Shred can completely erase the files or entire directory without any traces.

  • Registry Mighty can exclude scanning items to ignore list:   Backup and Restore

    This powerful maintenance toolkit manages all the backups whether automatically or manually, and provides backup restoring capability, restoring or deleting your backups; besides, a built-in new feature Restore Point will give you more leverage on ensuring the safety of your system during registry repairing.

  • Internet browser fixing   Internet Browser Fixing

    Includes BHO (Internet Browser Helper Objects) manager and IE restore to ensure a better and healthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to sound performing states.

  • System optimzing   System Optimzing

    Facilitated by 5 major utilities, including System Optimizer, Block ActivX, Error Utilities, Register ActiveX, Optimize Memory, sophisticatedly enough to tune up your system that will run at the optimal state.

  • Startup Manager   Startup Manager

    Let you quickly choose which applications are launched when you start your computer; you can enable, disable, or remove and even recover your previous selection if you want.

  • Uninstall Manager   Uninstall Manager

    Uninstall/remove any unneeded applications installed on your system, and clean all the left over registry keys.

  • Registry Mighty Is Easy to Use   Easy to Use

    Friendly User Interface and step-by-step advice make it easy to use. Start Your Scan Now!. Start Your Free Scan Now!

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Free Download Registry Mighty Now

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Customer Testimonials

I wish I would have known about Registry Mighty before I spent more than $100 (FOUR TIMES!) to have some friends repaired my PC. It would work for a while, and then I'd have to take it back. Now I know why. I started using Registry Mighty and I haven't had to go back to the tech.
- Aaron Petter - Quebec, Canada

I don't know how actually in the world my computer was even working at all. Your program found more than 450 errors! What amazing thing the difference Registry Mighty has made! Everything works faster, from startup to shut down; I don't have any of the problems I used to. I'm definitely not keeping any of my computers without a copy of Registry Mighty on them!
- Albert Colbar - Germany

Before using your Registry Mighty, my computer crashed frequently and worked in a slow speed. Even though installing an anti-virus program on my system, there still came such problems until l took your excellent tool. Registry Mighty found many clutter on my registry as Mighty as repairing it in minutes! Now, I always enjoy myself while surfing on the Internet. Thank you very much!
- Kenny James - Lllinois, US

I firstly had my doubts about whether Registry Mighty would play any effect on my computer or not. I was not so surprised with how many errors Registry Mighty found out. My doubt was about if this program could fix those problems for me. Now my doubt has been completely canceled. My system works smoothly than before and there is no crash any more. I am saving time and have a lot less frustration with my computer.
- Victoria Lindsey - LA, US

After download a movie from Internet, I found that it was bas enough that I was having serious computer problems. My system went crashing and freezing and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I tried Registry Mighty. It fixed my computer with repairing my infected system. It is really a nice solution for computer!
- Barry Levinson - Florida, US

Computer is hard for me to deal with since I am from the old school. I always got frustrated when there was something wrong with my computer. My son finally decided to install Registry Mighty on my computer to help me out. I can even operate it myself since the easy-to-use interface. This product made this old man change his way of life.
- Amber Stanely, TN

I can't tell you how many times I blamed my computer's performance on the things my teenage daughter was downloading and the programs she was using. Now I know it was the registry all along! Ever since I installed Registry Mighty, my computer has been performing ten-times better and I don’t even worry about what my daughter does on my computer. So thank you for your nice software!
- May Syberth, UK

I really didn't think I had registry problems on my computer. I thought my system was just running slow because I had too much staff on it. My friend suggested I try Registry Mighty just for fun and I couldn’t believe what happened. Registry Mighty found more than one-hundred hidden problems on my system. I wouldn’t live without it.
- Ann, MI

Thanks guys, your Registry Mighty is sure nice and quite on the net now!
- Stan - John Samson - Tennessee, US

Absolutely great job, this app is very effective. I had a problem with application which was always come out when starting computer and I couldn't delete this. Registry Mighty repaired it easy :) Thanks
- Lynda - Tennessee, US

When I first ran your program I got rid of a lot of garbage and my computer works more quickly. This seems to be a great piece of software and I am most grateful for your work on it, my arrow keys are working again!!! Best regards and a big hug.
- Joe Nit - NY, US

After just purchasing your product, I couldn't believe just how unbelievable it is, the program simply zips through the system and detects files that most internet users are totaly unaware off, it runs with a ''no mercy'' theme and does a brilliant job of elimination.
- Tom Washington - Canada

When my computer started getting those errors and started to crash on me... I thought it was only a matter of time before it would be toast. It kept getting worse and worse. So I downloaded Registry Mighty as a last resort hoping to fix the problem .......my computer is back to new again thanks to you guys! It stopped getting the error messages and it runs better too. I can't say enough.
- Ada Bellard, MO.

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