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Tips and Tricks to Optimize Computer Memory

If you want your programs to run smoother, you need to use a few tricks to optimize computer memory. Since your computer memory runs similarly to the human one, the more applications and background processes you open at the same time, the longer it will take to see them through. At the same time, you cannot expect your memory to be as efficient as it was when you bought the system.

Therefore, even though a software utility you want to run fits the system requirements you have, it may not work properly if you do not optimize computer memory. The first trick is to close down all the applications that are not vital for your operating system, in order to free the ram memory they were using. This way, the processor will be able to allocate more resources to your software program, thus helping it run smoother. For this task, you can either download an optimization program or optimize computer memory yourself using the msconfig file to terminate all the running applications.

Furthermore, you can download tools that make the memory allocation process more efficient from the internet. Alternatively, you can choose a system optimization utility that has this feature incorporated. At the same time, a good way to optimize computer memory is to set the size of your paging file of each drive to the 1.5 times the size of your ram memory. The paging file is used by the computer to copy data once your ram memory has reached its limit. Therefore, increasing it manually to an optimal size can allow the computer to copy more data and take some pressure off the processor.

These are the basic tricks you can use to optimize computer memory, but you have to face the fact that eventually you will need to purchase new ram, if you want to keep up with the system requirements of newly designed software.

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