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Today we are going to discover how to fix kernel32 error. But as usual as prior to the solution-finding process for any problems, we must know what a kernel32 file is. It is a file that controls the operating system’s memory (like Windows’). When the system is started, kernel32.dll file is put into a memory space with protection along with it. The error which has to do with kernel32 file appears when another program tries to get into that protected space. The reason that leads to this sort of problem could be due to a corrupted file, inefficient-used hardware or memory and of course least but not last, a damaged kernel32.dll.

When it comes to know how to fix kernel32 error, your computer screen may be sent with a message like: Error in Kernel32. The disturbing may show up right after the Windows starting (as mentioned above). The result you may suffer is that some crucial data in the process can be lost and so is your limited time to fix the problem. Below are some steps to fix Kernel32 errors:

-          If the problem is always showing up during your procedure of preceding some program, then the choice is to reinstall that very program. It’s easy and may result in fixing the irritating problem.

-          Some users may use hardware acceleration or overclocking, which may also lead to an error of this kind. In order to fix it, you just have to turn them off.

-          Reinstalling Windows should also be taken into account. This solution can fix kernel32 error but the drawback of the selection is that the errors may come back again. Besides windows reinstallation takes up too much time.

If you’ve already tried all solutions given above but one of them seem to work, then your Kernel32.dll file could have been deleted due to the presence of virus. In this case, you should try to use a registry cleaning software and scan your computer for sure.

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