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Problems that often occur when it comes to fix Javascript usually show up in a yellow triangle-shaped appearance in the pop up box and at that time you are told to debug. What cause this to ever happen are probably the errors that come along with the web page. This sort of problem can turn up in some programs involved with them too. We know that users who depend considerably to fix Javascript are the one making it even more exposed to the inherent Javascript errors. Below are the 2 most common situations.

  • First, in case you are facing a javascript error when utilizing some sort of a program and then you attempt to update it and check whether the error is eliminated or not. You should log on to your respective program’s home page to look at the FAQs (if possible). If you are lucky enough to suffer from common errors, then you may be able to find them listed in the FAQs. In case you can’t succeed in fixing the javascript error, then perhaps reinstallation is the best way to come up with.
  • Second, if the problem has to do with the webpage which you can check whether some of these may be blocked due to your internet browser configurations: Active script, ActiveX or Java applets. Internet browser and other problem involved such as firewall or antivirus software’s working could block those too. If you cancel the block setting then javascript may be fixed. Here is the instruction of how to cancel the block setting: open internet browser, go to tools. Internet options, security and choose default level.

You may also have to check other computers in case they are experienced to fix javascript error when it occurs at the time of opening that website. The reason you may not skip this step is that there is a probability that the problem may not arise from using your computer but associated with the website. If yes then the error comes from that very website. In this situation you should not be the one to worry about your PC since the webmaster has to be the only one here to concern about his website.

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