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Description, Causes, and how to Fix Windows Installer Error

Description, Causes, and how to Fix Windows Installer Error

Windows is a complex operating system and because of large number of registry entries and files it becomes very hard to isolate an error that causes trouble. When you frequently install and uninstall applications, you will at some point come across Windows installer error. Windows update is to be run frequently to keep the system updated. However, at times the system may not get updated and the Windows Installer error pops up.

Windows Installer Errors are like:

  • ‘The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Started’
  • ‘Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed’
  • ‘Could Not Start Windows Installer Service On Local Computer’

Such types of error occur when the windows installer service is disabled or is installed incorrectly. The error codes generated by Windows installer initiate with 1000 and goes up to 1999. The Windows OS tries to show the error message along with the error pop up. From this code you can search for the meaning behind that error code. Before you fix windows installer error through some complex methods simply uninstall and reinstall that particular application again.

If the problem persists then follow the three simple steps to fix Windows installer error and other registry related issues.

Run a free scan to figure out what is exactly wrong with your computer system, and then simply click on the “repair” button on the free scan software to fix Windows installer error.

You can also troubleshoot your system to fix Windows installer error and to see if the windows installer engine is working properly. You just have to enter MSIExec in the command prompt. If it does not show any error then the MSI engine is working properly. Type services.msc for going to services and then open Windows installer service and make the startup type manual. At times, by simply upgrading the version of Windows installer helps in solving the problem. Just type in MSIExec/unregister and then MSIExec/regserver for reregistering the installer engine.

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Simple Approach to Fix Windows Installer Error

If you are receiving various error codes whenever you try to install a program in Windows Vista and earlier versions, then you need the best approach to fix Windows Installer error. While in the latest patches of this operating system the error rarely occurs anymore, you cannot say the same thing when it comes to Vista, XP or 2000. The Windows Installer utility was designed in order to optimize the installation process of different software.

However, there are some situations when it backfires, thus displaying error codes. The most common need to fix Windows Installer error comes from the 1719 code, telling you that the Installer cannot be accessed. While it is true that you could simply download a tweaking tool that can fix the registry problem, you choose to do this manually. Unless you have other serious problems with your Windows registry, there is no need to install this kind of software.

The first step is to use the regedit command in your run menu of the start group. Afterwards, the next step is to find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServiceMSIServer entry and check whether the value of the Imagepath is set to Drive:WindowsSystem32MSiexec.exe /v or not. The next step to fix Windows Installer error comes after you have rebooted your PC in safe mode. Open the run menu once more and enter the line C:WindowsSyswow64Msiexec. Once you have completed this task, reboot your PC once more and this time you need to turn on the normal mode of the operation system.

This is the basic procedure that you can employ to fix the installer error, without having to download any registry cleaning and fixing software. However, you need to make sure that you follow these steps accordingly if you want your registry fixed. In case this operation does not fix Windows Installer error, then you should consider a registry fixing utility.

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