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Learn How to Resolve Xul DLL Errors

Windows Operating system is used by most of the users through out the world. Sometime we may face errors related to the operating system while working on the computer. One of the well known errors is a DLL error. DLL is a file system which stands for Dynamic Link Library. As the name suggests the content of this file system are overwritten by the application and software. Actually the file keeps on storing the necessary instruction and information which is required to run these applications. If something gets corrupt or deleted in these files, some of the applications or the entire operating system fails to work. There are different types of DLL errors. The type of DLL error can be found from the error code we get when the error is displayed. One of the common types of DLL error is Xul.dll error.

Xul.dll is the file system associated with the fire fox application. Fire fox is an explorer which is designed by a company named Mozilla. It’s an open source application and is used by many due to its effectiveness. The DLL file which contains the instructions and information regarding this application gets corrupted or deleted then the DLL error we get is Xul.dll. These run time error can be caused by different reasons. One of the main reasons is the bug in the program it self which fails the command to execute the application. You typically start getting run time error when the problem starts to occur.

The error will show you one of the two messages if it is a xul.dll error.

  1. Xul.dll is invalid without reinstall
  2. This application has failed to start because xul.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem

Xul.dll occurs most of the time due to automatic updations in Fire Fox program when you are connected to the internet. Many a times such updations leave some of the old files unupdated. This causes a conflict and the file system related to Fire Fox stop to work properly. That happens due to registry or system related issues. In such cases you can repair the file by using the methodic updations. Once the corrupted or older files which are not updated properly are repaired, you will stop getting the error but it may reappear after sometimes.

If you want this to be fixed properly then you need to reinstall the Fire Fox program. That will certainly help you regain the full functionality of the software and you will certainly not see the Xul.dll error at least for a long time if not for ever. It is also important to clean the registry files of the computer after reinstalling Fire Fox. This cleaning can be done by using registry cleaner programs. You can search for such cleaner programs on the net. You will find many of them for no or a reasonable price. You should be careful when downloading the programs for the net. Safe sites which are free from virus and other harmful programs should be preferred.

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