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Simple Solution to Fix Windows DLL Errors

The full form of DLL is Dynamic Link Library. This is a library as the name itself implies or in other words a collection of files which contains executable data or functions required for running the application which is associated with it. The reason for the existence of DLL is essentially to save the space on the system and also save the computer memory. DLLs give easy and simple method for making the applications easy for reuse and update. It is basically a collection of programs or code which is usable for multiple windows applications. They are a mode of keeping things in order while various applications try to utilize the functionality simultaneously. The meaning of this is that every application receives a copy of DLL data for keeping things on track and then run smoothly. The following extensions are used to store the DLL file.

  • .dll
  • .drv
  • .exe
  • .fon

As per the requirement each application links with the file for gaining access of the data or functions. As an example, it can be compared to a huge rail yard where all trains try to access the track space which is very limited. The DLL library assist in making that happen.
Why DLL Error?

In Windows programming you may notice that DLLs play the most important role. Almost all commercial applications are equipped with DLLs of their own. At this point of time comes the DLL error. When you add a program and then remove it from a computer which is Windows based then a central repository is available which is called Windows Registry. Here all the information with regards to individual software applications can be found.

With continuous use and also addition as well as deletion of the software, the registry files are filled with corrupt or broken entries over time. Therefore, the solution for DLL errors is dealing first with this registry.

The Key for Fixing DLL Error is the Registry:

The Windows registry generally is the database which stores all DLL libraries besides other vital information with regards to the computer hardware, software, settings etc. If you perform changes in the settings there will be change reflecting in the registry windows as well. This may result in registry being jammed up because of useless entries which can cause all types of computer errors such as blue screen to DLL errors. At this point, a good registry cleaning software becomes very useful. If you are unable to repair and edit windows registry manually then you can use good registry cleaner which is faster and better.

The Simple Solution:

The most simple which can also be considered stupid solution is the Registry cleaner. There is nothing simpler than downloading this cleaner and using it. This simple program looks out for errors on the registry and provides option to ‘repair’ or ‘remove’ them. Some software will repair the errors automatically without requiring your assistance. However, there are others who might require advanced computer skills. One important thing to remember is that Registry cleaners which are of better quality possess registry backup function.


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Tutorial to Fix Rapi DLL Errors

If your system has Windows 7 then it uses Rapi.dll for helping to control different remote access features. “ActiveSync” program uses it particularly. Also vast number of software packages of mobile phones have rapi.dll file as a part of core Windows functionality. Sadly, this causes Windows to have problems because it has to read rapi.dll file a lot. Therefore, if there is any problems then there can be drastic consequences. Fortunately, it is easy to fix rapi.dll errors from your PC specifically if Windows 7 is installed.
The errors which can be caused by rapi.dll include “rapi.dll unable to be located” and “rapi.dll not found.” If you notice such errors, then generally it means either the file has some problems or the software or settings may have problems. For fixing this problem, basically you would need to repair different issues which cause it to show. Namely, updating Windows or fixing the location of files as well as various other errors. For rapi.dll error repair on your PC, you need to first ensure that PC is updated. The errors might be caused due to problem or general bug within the Windows system. It can be corrected when you update it. PC update can be done by using “Windows Update” program through the process Start>All Programs>Windows Update.

Besides, you need to ensure the location of rapi.dll in your PC is C:\Windows\System32 folder (this is the folder for all DLL files for your system). If the file is not available on your PC then you would have to download from the internet and then it can be placed in the folder. ‘Registry cleaner’ program is also recommended for fixing any errors available in “Registry Database” within your PC. It is the central storage of all databases for settings and files used by the system to run. It is continually used by the PC for recalling latest emails, desktop wallpaper, as well as the latest emails.

The registry also contains huge DLL files lists on your PC. The system uses it to read the files it requires to run. It is unfortunate that this file list often gets corrupted or damaged which leads your system to be slow. For fixing this issue, it is essential for using registry cleaner tool for repairing all the problems that your system might have. You can download these software tools from the Internet. After that you can install it on your PC for cleaning out the errors which are visible. One major cause for DLL error (Dynamic-Link Library error) is virus. The virus can go inside the computer and then corrupt the Windows operating system after damaging the DLL files. For fixing DLL error, first you have to install security software for detecting and cleaning the malicious programs like Spyware, Malware, and Adware. This will ensure the safety of your computer.

Many men and women utilize the Windows Media Player program for videos, music and photos. In order to be able to use that a distinct file is essential for enabling you to access and utilize the different capabilities. The name of this file is ‘rapi.dll.’

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How to Detect and Fix Windows DLL Errors?

Today we have many options when it comes to operating system. One of the most popular of them all is Windows. Windows have many versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. No matter how safe and secure an OS is, it bound to have problems at times. One of the major problems which occur in Windows Operating System is a DLL error. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. DLL is actually a file which is important for running the operating system. If this file gets corrupt or deleted the entire OS comes to stand still.

It’s important to know about this error and the methods which can be used to correct the same because it will not allow you work on the PC which is involved. Every OS system has a file system which store files needed for the proper functionality of the software. If any of these file gets corrupted or goes missing then the operating system fails. Operating system works as a mediator between the computer and the user. If OS fails then the user will not be able to work on the computer. There can be different reasons behind the loss. The file may get corrupted or deleted due to a virus, malwares or spyware. Sometimes the instructions given to find the file location go bad and can cause in DLL error. Sometimes single DLL file is used by two different computers connected to each other. The conflict between the two systems may cause problems in locating the file which may result in a DLL error.

Usually we all install or uninstall softwares of different kinds on our computers at regular interval. Sometimes installing a software may result in overwrite the existing file which may disturb its content. When that happens chances of getting a DLL are high. It is thus required to have a back up DLL file which comes originally with the OS in the program file archive. Once you get the DLL error you can use the back up copy to regain the original configuration of the DLL file.

There are different types of DLL error and each type has a different solution. Whenever you get the DLL error, you will also get an error code and a brief description about the same. You can copy the code and description and can search for the solution over the net. You can use Google or any other search engine which will get you the specific solution for that error.

Most of the solutions provided by different sources on the net are usually in a step by step manner which can be followed without any problem by anyone. If nothing helps in solving the problem then reinstalling the operating system is the only solution available which will definitely restore the normal functionality of the computer. You should never forget to take a back up of all the data before you format your computer and reinstall the operating system.

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Resolving A Program Error With A Missing DLL

At one time or another, you may have received a program error missing dll message on your screen. This can happen when you are running a program and it suddenly stops or crashes. Most cases aren’t serious, but knowing how to fix the problem quickly can help you avoid more serious repercussions in the future.

For this kind of problem, the error may only be isolated to the specific program in question. If you don’t find the same situation when you open other applications, then that should be a good indication. These situations are much easier to resolve and shouldn’t take up too much of your time.


A quick fix is to reinstall the said software. You can do this if the error has occurred only very recently. A reinstallation also allows you to check for updates or more recent versions of the application. A newer version might also have the missing dll file in question.

The above fix might sometimes be detrimental as some programs come with older versions of these files. While it was a common occurrence in the past, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem now as you will be notified while the installation is going on.

If the problem occurred right about the time when you uninstalled a program, it might be that you also uninstalled the missing file. This can happen when you include the system options during the un-installation. You might want to reinstall the software, and then uninstall it again. This time however, make sure you check the no option when it asks you to uninstall system files.

A program error missing dll situation shouldn’t be too much to handle for most users for as long as you act quickly to resolve the situation. These simple instructions should be able to fix the most common problems.

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Fixing Missing DLL Files


When your operating system encounters an error, it usual has to do with missing applications or files. Fixing missing dll files in particular can help with the error. There are a number of different things you can do to try and fix this situation.

Usually, these errors occur when you uninstall a program. Some of these software may have included dll files. Sometimes, uninstalling these programs can also delete these important files. To avoid this problem, make sure you are given the chance to select the files to remove, or uninstall the program manually.

Even when installing, the program might overwrite the dll file. Usually it will be a newer version that will be installed into your computer. However, older programs may also install the older version of the file. These different versions can cause incompatibility and running errors.

When you install any new application, make sure to follow all of the instructions. Don’t install if you don’t have the time to see it through. A bad installation such as when it is suddenly terminated, or when a power outage occurs can also cause these errors. The hard disk itself might have been damaged, or some other piece of hardware crucial to the system.

On some rare occasions, users might come in and accidentally delete important components of your system. To prevent this, set your system folders to become hidden. Alternatively, you can set security measures such as passwords when accessing your computer. You might also want to set permissions when accessing certain folders.

Fixing missing dll files is easier if you are able to prevent it in the first place. Don’t be too careless in leaving your computer or when you are installing or removing certain programs. If you are unsure as to which software are necessary for your operating system to run, check your manual for the required system files.

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