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The Object Linking and Embedding is a technology released by Microsoft that allows users to embed objects into different programs. In other words, one can link one program with another. For example, you can embed a spreadsheet in Microsoft word and can open the spreadsheet in a separate window to edit it by clicking on it. The use of OLE has increased over these years with Microsoft using their technology in almost every program of theirs.

       However, the question that one might ask is that “What’s the connection between OLE and Registry?”.  When a program is registered as a server application for the OLE, the registration is recorded by the Registry. The registration consists of several entries. All these entries are stored in the Registry. Now the number of entries differs in different programs. A small program would have fewer entries than large programs. Programs like Microsoft Word are huge programs and when the program registers itself for OLE technology, hundreds of entries are stored in the registry.

       Errors can occur in the different OLE modules stored in the registry. One such module where errors may occur in is the richtx32.ocx OLE module. The richtx32.ocx module is used for Microsoft Rich Text editor. It allows for editing in the text box object. There may be several richtx32.ocx related registry errors that may occur in the registry. Sometimes these problems may be due to the accumulation of entries of the different programs in the computer system.

       If you face any problems with your richtx32.ocx module it is advisable to remove it. Now you cannot just remove the module from the registry. This module is a product of Microsoft and is mostly used in Microsoft Visual Basic. In order for you to remove this module, you will have to uninstall Visual Basic. This will remove the corrupted module from your computer.

       Another problem that occurs is the registry keys getting accumulated in the registry. When we uninstall MS Visual Basic it may not remove the registry keys from the registry. Too many registry keys may clutter the Registry and it will slow down the computer.

       The solution to richtx32.ocx related registry problems is a registry cleaner. Running a good registry cleaner will check for this corrupted module and remove it. Registry Mighty has specific tools built for detecting invalid OLE modules or corrupted ones that are affecting the performance of a program or of the computer. Scanning the computer with registry mighty will detect not just the corrupted or invalid OLE modules, but other modules like ActiveX control and COM.

       OLE registries are really important for your computer system. In most of the programs, those that are released by Microsoft and those that are released from other companies have integrated OLE technology into their operations. Hence keeping the registry safe and unaffected is necessary for this technology to function.

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MORE ABOUT mswinsck.ocx

There is an error Runtime 339 seen, when the computer executes a function and there is some required file missing. In most of the cases, the file is either .OCX or .DLL.  It is not that this error is quite difficult to fix, or requires the presence of some well known technician to fix the problem.  On should not keep waiting with hand one upon the other until another problem pops out or a new issue is raised. The most common thing that is to be observed is that what should be the file that is needed to be replaced.

 In most of the cases it is the of the file mswinsck.ocx that causes the error to occur in these cases. The mswinsck.ocx is actually a Winsock control module. This module is used in Visual basic applications. The Winsock module helps in addition of socket programming. The non-system processes likemswinsck.ocx, they actually originate from the software which is installed on the system. The PC accumulates harmful errors because the registry is quite likely to suffer fragmentation. Hence, it becomes quit mandatory that one checks his registry in order to see through the errors.

       The process mswinsck.ocx is quite a harmless process, and it does not pose any threat to the system. However, if one is bent on removing the process, then he just needs to follow some simple instructions in order to s through the removal of the process. In order to remove mswinsck.ocx from the computer, one needs to follow some of the simple steps possible. Since, the process is an application developed by Microsoft; hence the Uninstallation of Visual basic would mean that the process is stopped once and for all. Also the uninstalling of applications means that the registry can be left bloated. Hence the registry is needed to be checked for left fragmented and obsolete entries.

The process maybe is not considered to be process intensive, although, running of too many processes would mean that the performance of the CPU would be decreased. In order to have the load on the computer reduced, the steps taken are:

  1. The function MSCONFIG should b used to disable the processes, those particular processes that start automatically upon the switching the computer on are to disable. 

In most of the cases, it is that the mswinsck.ocx file starts to give errors. In some of the cases it is that there is a lot of conflicting applications that running on the personal computer. Consider to disable all those processes from our PC that are not being used on the computer. Alternatively there can be a method that is used in order to selectively remove, disable or delete unnecessary auto-start process. The safest way that can be used in order to get rid of these processes is to first, uninstall the process for good, and then, run a registry scan in order to see that there are no more corrupt or registry entries left inside the computer.

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