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I don’t know if you have heard about registry cleaner software or not but if you become tired of installing fresh windows over and over again due to some problems such as crashing, freezing, slow performance and blue screen showing fatal error – I recommend you to try Registry Mighty to get rid of the annoying process of windows installation. The word ‘annoying’ is not enough to describing the trouble of installing fresh Windows since it is not only a time consuming matter but you may also lose some of your valuable data each time you perform the installation process. So what makes windows to degrade its performance? Its registry files. Each time we run a application or even open a folder, new registry files are created in c:/ and drive these files consume more memory and increase CPU use as well. So the longer you use a window without restoring, the slower it become. This is not all, due to power failure or other hardware issue or virus may corrupt registry files and this may cause frequent system crash or freezing.

Getting familiar with Registry Mighty

Registry mighty is a registry cleaning software or system repair tool developed for Windows based operating system. Fixing registry cannot be done manually even by advance Windows users, this is why registry cleaner tool such as Registry Mighty software is required for all. Imagine, all the system errors are gone and your machine become faster like fresh installation within several minutes – is not it lot easier than installing Windows again? Of course it is and since this software is designed with maximum flexibility such as 17 dedicated categories of registry scanning so that you may choose the suitable one for you or with flexibility to exclude exclusive item while installing – I think it is worth trying for. Registry might is capable of resolving hundreds of known and unknown issues regarding your system. Some of the common and significant system issues that Registry Mighty can fix are as follows;

  • Windows installer error (you cannot install install/uninstall applications anymore)
  • Windows explorer error (Windows might stop working while navigating)
  • Startup error (boot failure)
  • ActiveX error and ActiveX control problem.
  • DLL error (Windows might crash frequently)
  • sass.exe or svchost.exe error
  • Shows blue screen suddenly (fatal error)
  • System32 error

Registry Mighty does not works for any Mac based application let alone as “fix Mac Antivirus”. However in case of the reputed McAfee antivirus it works you can use it as a fix Mac Antivirus (here Mac Antivirus means McAfee antivirus). Now let’s see how it performs as a fix Mac Antivirus tool.

MacAfee users often face two problem uninstalling or re-installing the program and problem with updating virus definition. The first problem happens due to windows installer problem so fix Mac Antivirus works fine here. The second one may be a local problem of MacAfee or perhaps a result of corrupt registry files. You don’t need to use fix Mac Antivirus tool if it’s a local cause, rather reinstalling the program will fix it but if corrupt registry files are behind it, fix Mac Antivirus is required. However there is no way to identify reason behind the problem so it is better to use Registry Mighty as fix Mac Antivirus tool from the beginning.


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