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How to Fix Hpqthb08.exe

Due to continued usage, the performance of your laptop is bound to decline with time. Issues such as overheating, bluescreen of death, startup errors and overheating amongst others are normally as a result of viruses, accidental deletion of files and registry errors. One of the errors you are most likely to come across whilst using your Windows OS based PC is Hpqthb08.exe error. If you are facing this issue for the first time and have no idea on how to fix Hpqthb08.exe, then you will find this article quite an interesting read.

There are several reasons as to why you may be experiencing this issue; for example, there could be something amiss with the internal configurations of your Windows OS. If the issue is not fixed on time, it can lead to driver conflict in your system, for instance, your system drivers could become inaccessible thus preventing you from accessing the data stored in the hardware devices.

Discussed herein, are instructions on how to fix Hpqthb08.exe error.

Whereas there is no shred of a doubt that Microsoft Windows Operating System is user friendly in comparison to other OS (Operating System) in the market, it is critical that you regularly maintain the windows registry so as to avoid software conflict. As a result of the endless entries that are made to the registry on a daily basis by the applications installed in the system, there is bound to be a problem every once in a while. There are numerous third-party registry utility software you can use to clean your registry so as to avoid the Hpqthb08.exe error. Nonetheless, before cleaning your system registry, you need to create a backup of the current registry in case there is an issue later on.

Corrupted or obsolete system drivers can also lead to Hpqth08.exe error. There are several reasons as to why your system driver might be corrupt. However, the most important thing is that you resolve the issues with corrupt system drivers. You can do this by following the steps below:

-          Right-click on “My Computer” icon located on the desktop.

-          Select “Properties” from the drop down menu.

-          Click on the “Hardware” tab from the window that appears on your screen. Thereafter, click on the button labeled “Device Manager”.

-          This will give you a list of all the hardware devices installed in your computer.

If there are corrupt or damaged drivers in your system, they will have a yellow exclamation mark next to the name.

-          Right-click on the corrupt device name and select “Properties” from the drop down menu.

-          Click on the “Driver” tab from the window that appears.

-          Click on the button labeled “Update Driver” to install updated version of the driver.

For this process, make sure that you are not only logged in as the system administrator, but also have internet connection.

If the driver has been completely corrupted or damaged, you’ll have to remove it and install it afresh.

In case the above processes do not work, consult a qualified PC technician.

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How to fix Svchost.EXE

Svchost.EXE is a computer-application contained in the registry of the windows operating system and acts as a service host. The Svchost application executes services which are carried out by the Dynamic Link Libraries, or the files with .dll extension rather than those with .exe extension or, executable files. Microsoft defines Svchost.exe as a generic host process which handles services from DLLs. Each service needs particular Svchost.exe programs and hence, a number of Svchost processes run simultaneously on a PC and it becomes very important to know “How to fix Svchost.EXE”.

Causes of Svchost.exe errors

If you encounter a Svchost.exe error in your system, it must be the result of various factors like corrupt files, registry errors or virus-attacks. Due to numerous svchost.exe processes running simultaneously in the system, there might be competition between various processes and the system become prone to virus attacks. When a few programs of windows svchost.exe runs, if the system shows symptoms like going slow, crashes and freezes, error messages and so on, then the system can be concluded to possess svchost.exe errors. The major causes of Svchost.exe errors are:

Windows Svchost.exe program is famous as highly vulnerable to virus attacks. Even though Microsoft has introduced many patches and updates to fix the loopholes, the svchost.exe errors may be appearing due to virus.

Cent percent or complete CPU utilization by the system may be the reason for Svchost.exe errors.

Several of the svchost processes running simultaneously may cause conflicts for memory space and result in errors.

Damaged and corrupt registry of files can be another cause for Svchost.exe errors.

Tips and techniques for How to fix Svchost.EXE errors

To fix Svchost.exe errors, the following tips and techniques can be followed:

In the first place, the real cause of Svchost.exe error should be identified and located. As soon as a Svchost.exe error pops up, the common causes for the error like CPU usage and virus should be checked for.

The official Microsoft websites provides stepwise solutions for How to fix Svchost.EXE errors which can be followed to eliminate the errors.

To fix errors due to improper and damaged registry files, it is better to remove the damaged files using registry cleaner software rather than doing it yourself, as this may a bit risky. Registry repair software can also be used to repair damaged registry files which cause the errors.

If the svchost.exe error is due to virus-attacks in the system, perform the virus removal process and clean off viruses, spyware and malware from the system.

In case of svchost.exe errors due to drive incompatibility, then the best option would be to upgrade the drive to the latest version.

By disabling the windows automatic update service through the process explorer the svchost.exe errors can be fixed temporarily. Removing and reinstalling the automatic updates system may also help in eliminating the errors.

Try re-registering the automatic updates Dynamic link libraries.

After trying any of the error-removal methods, make sure to reboot the system by restarting it. Very often, a mere restart can cause the problem to get resolved.

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fix svchost.exe

Generally all the computer users face the problem of running their PC slowly. After opening the task manager you will see that an error called svchost.exe is responsible for bogging down your computer. You can find one svchost.exe or many but all results in slowing down the speed of computer. It is very important to fix svchost.exe bug as it affects many computer by utilizing 99% of computer resources and slowing them down remarkably.

If there are multiple instances of svchost.exe then all of them compete for the same memory space while none of them move to the end of the program execution. It is better to get some insight about this svchost.exe error. Svchost is a type of shell program for running the different programs on the computer. These programs are stored in the dynamic link library files (.dll files) and have separate memory space than the other running programs on the PC.

The automatic updates or other programs are run by these svchost executable files. Sometimes several services under this svchost are running simultaneously on the computer and taking different amount of memory. The difficult situation arises when one .dll file could not finish its task and in turn the rest of the svchost programs are bogged down.

This problem was recognized by the Microsoft and a patch was released to solve this problem. The first step to fix svchost.exe is to identify the svchost.exe memory leak problem by seeing that the amount of memory used up by svchost.exe will be increased up to 99-100%.

Here is an example to stop the 100% system resource utilization by svchost.exe for Windows XP only.

Windows Update V3 is downloaded by visiting the Microsoft website and saved in the C drive.

Now the file named fix svchost.bat is downloaded and saved in the C drive.

After rebooting the computer the windows should be run into the save mode, this can be easily selected by pressing the F8 key during boot process and then choosing the Safe mode option.

Select the administrator account after the windows are loaded.

Go to the run option and find the fix svchost.bat file saved in the C drive, open it and then click ‘OK’.

A black screen will appear showing the white text scrolling in it and wait for sometime to let the scrolling finishes and closes itself after several minutes.

After the black screen disappears, go to the run option and from the browse button select the WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe file, open it and then press OK. You will be getting the prompt messages for doing all these things.

It will take sometime to finish the installation of the Windows Update Agent, run  and browse the button to find the WindowsXPKB927891.exe file saved before and then open and press OK. Again follow the instructions or prompts for the whole installation process.

The computer should be rebooted finally to make all the process effective.

It is very important to fix svchost.exe as it is very much prone for the entry of viruses and other malicious programs while using Windows XP. This Operating system has got several issues with the svchost, but most of the issues have been resolved and patched up.

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how to fix svchost.exe

While using Windows XP, we may obviously come across the error message- svchost.exe. You can either press ‘Ok’ for termination and ‘cancel’ option is for the debugging of the program. The error message is generally displayed after we have booted after a regular Windows Update. Even if we restart the computer with ‘Safe Mode’, or as any other method to combat this problem, we will still confront the svchost.exe error. These simple steps would let you know “how to fix svchost.exe”.

Check your “WindowsUpdate- Service Setting” option

Press the start option. After clicking Run, write (services.msc) and press enter.

Go to the Automatic Updates Service option at the right hand side and double-click on it. Go to the Log in option. Ensure that you are running the default login account.

Remove the check from the option Allow service to interact with desktop. 

Now go to option Hardware Profile section and enable this service.

Go to the General tab. Ensure that the “start-up” is set as Automatic.

Now the Service Status section is selected by clicking the Start button. 

The same step is repeated for the BITS.

Windows Update dlls Reconfiguration:

Press the Start option and then press Run. After that write “cmd” in the text box and then press enter.

Then the Command Prompt box opens, where you must type in REGSVR32 WUAPI.DLL, then enter it.

You will receive a message reading dll RegisterServer in WUAPI.DLL succeeded.

All these commands are also executed by the same process after typing each command and hitting Enter after every line.

Replace WUAPI.DLL from the above with these codes for executing them separately:








Remove the Damaged Windows Update Folders and Files

Type the (net stop WuAuServ), in the command prompt. Type in: cd %windir% there and Enter it.

Now by typing: (ren SoftwareDistribution SD_OLD), you will rename the Software Distribution folder. 

The following command will restart the update service: net start WuAuServ.

Exit the program by hitting Enter and then close the Windows Command Prompt.

Restart the Windows after rebooting the PC and see that these simple tips will make you enable to deal with the how to fix svchost.exe problem.

The above discussed method was the manual method to fix the svchost.exe errors however, the automatic methods can also be tried. The manual methods are not recommended for fixing this error in the regular computers, as if not performed well it can cause a permanent damage to the computer.

Steps for “how to fix svchost.exe problems automatically:

Initially go to the Microsoft’s site and download windows repair tool and then install it.

Press the start scan option.

Select the fix all option for fixing windows error.

Now after fixing svchost.exe virus, the next step is the removal of this virus. Removing this virus manually would be a bit tricky as working on command prompt is not easy for a less experienced user. For this using removal application certified by Microsoft is the best option. So, fixing svchost.exe is a must for smooth sailing of your computer.

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